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Rare study on 澳洲幸运5最新开奖号码结果-2023-2024澳洲幸运五查询-澳洲幸运5全国开奖官网 identical twins confirms vegan diet's broad health boost

December 03, 2023
Eating less meat is known to be good for heart health, but studies have been hampered by confounding factors such as genetics and background. Now, 22 sets of twins on 'healthy' meat and plant-based diets provide us with the best comparative data yet.

The humble bean arms the gut with surprise cancer-fighting powers

December 03, 2023
Beans don't have the best rep when it comes to our guts. But a new study has shown how a daily dose of navy beans can easily restore gut health in colorectal cancer survivors, revealing their broad benefit in helping protect against chronic diseases.

Record-breaking fiber transmits 20x global internet traffic per second

December 03, 2023
Everybody wants a faster internet connection, and now engineers in Japan have shattered the record for data transmission. The team managed to transmit more than 20 times the global internet traffic per second through a single optical fiber.

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