2019 51st ARN Conference

2019 51st ARN Conference

Radisson Blue Hotel, Ikeja, Lagos.

The present Council of ARN (2017 – 2019) led by Mrs. Ola Elizabeth Balogun (M.Sc, FARN), was inaugurated in January 2017. The President constituted the education committee (EDUCOM) swiftly, with the following members:

  1. Adejoh, Tom (Ph.D) – NAUTH, Nnewi; Clinical Radiographer (now an academic)
  2. Joseph, Z. Dlama (Ph.D) – BUK, Kano; Academic
  3. Okeji, C. Mark (Ph.D) – UNN, Enugu Campus/RRBN Abuja; Academic
  4. Nkubli, B. Flavious (M.Sc) – UNIMAID, Maiduguri; Academic
  5. Luntsi, Geofery (M.Sc) – UNIMAID, Maiduguri; Academic
  6. Balogun-Adebiyi I.   Rohimat (B.Sc) – NOHI, Lagos; Clinical Radiographer

The EDUCOM, unlike those before it, was given tough and multiple terms of reference: determination of conference themes, coordination of conference papers, communique drafting, coordination of World Radiography Day (WRD) celebrations on 8th November and, to ensure the continuity of Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences (JRRS). The EDUCOM has striven to deliver on her mandate despite the near absence of intellectual support from a seemingly busy crop of academic radiographers. A major step taken as regard conference papers was the digitization of previous hardcopy papers and subsequent online archiving at ARN journal site (www.jarnigeria.com). In addition, effective from the 2017 conference in Abakaliki, Nigeria, books of abstracts (BOA) have appeared in both (traditional) hardcopy and electronic formats. The latter is an innovation. This being our third attempt at e-BOA, we expect some inadvertent lapses, which shall be regrettable, and for which we take responsibility.

The abstracts are categorized into homogenous sections for ease of search. The EDUCOM undertook aggressive publicity and was tenacious in encouraging a research-lethargic profession. The result was an increase in quality and quantity of research output. We commend all researchers who boldly rose to the occasion to display their works in an intellectually – intimidating conference as this is. We urge young researchers to build on their experience from the scientific sessions and keep marching on.

We commend the ARN Secretariat for collaborating with EDUCOM to fulfil her mandate. We thank Radiographers in Nigeria for giving our committee (EDUCOM) the privilege to contribute to our collective progress. And, may our successors in EDUCOM give us more dazzling and enduring innovations and legacies.


Rad Tom Adejoh (Ph.D)

Chairman, EDUCOM

8th December, 2019

Gregory University, Uturu, Nigeria