Adejoh Thomas, Nwogu B. Uloma, Anene N. Chukwuziem, Onwujekwe C. Emeka, Imo S. Ama, Okolo C. John, Chiegwu U. Hyacienth, Nzotta C. Christian


Background: It is clearly known and documented that the first computed tomography (CT) scanner was installed in 1987 at the University College Hospital (UCH) Ibadan, Southwest-Nigeria. Ironically, it is neither clearly documented how many more scanners have been installed after then, nor about their functionality.


Objective: To establish the actual number and functionality of CT scanners in the Southeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria.


Methodology: The survey was undertaken from March – June, 2016. Radiographers across different tertiary hospitals in southeast (SE) Nigeria, were requested through phone calls to ascertain the number of CT scanners in their respective states of residence. Their feedback was crosschecked using entirely different Radiographers. Internet searches were conducted to authenticate some information obtained. For Anambra State where all but one of the authors worked or schooled, physical visits were made to all centres. Data elicited covered scanner specifications, installation details, ownership, and functionality, amongst others. These were recorded in a pro forma sheet and later collated and presented in tables.


Result: A total of 23 CT centres with 28 CT scanners were confirmed. These were distributed across the zone as follows: Anambra; 10 (35.8 %), Imo; 6 (21.4 %), Enugu; 6 (21.4 %), Abia; 4 (14.3 %) and Ebonyi; 2 (7.1 %). Private ownership accounted for 19 (68.0 %) of the scanners while the remaining 9 (32.0 %) were distributed between the Federal Government (n = 5; 18.0 %), public-private partnership (n = 2; 7.0 %), and state governments (n = 2; 7.0 %), respectively. Appropriate personnel were engaged in the facilities. Majority of the scanners were installed in the current decade (2006 – 2016). At least 12 (43.0 %) of the scanners experienced downtime within the period of the survey with 7 scanners having downtime ≥ 1 year.


Conclusion: There are 23 radiodiagnostic facilities with 28 CT scanners in the Southeast zone of Nigeria. Five facilities each own two scanners. There appears to be a good distribution of CT scanners with appropriate personnel. A high downtime rate was observed, suggesting the need for the employment of centre-based CT engineers, to ensure that CT patients have as prompt an access as can be achieved.


Keywords: Computed tomography, radiographer, downtime, functional, Southeast Nigeria

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Adejoh T, Nwogu BU, Anene NC, Onwujekwe CE, Imo SA, Okolo CJ, Chiegwu HU, Nzotta CC. Computed Tomography Scanner Distribution and Downtimes in Southeast Nigeria J Assoc Rad Niger, 2017; 31 (1): 8 – 15.

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