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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2012;  (v 26): 1-10


X-ray Equipments and Accessories as possible Vectors of Nosocomial Bacteria in Anambra State, Nigeria

JC Eze, EU Ekpo, CC Nzotta, NC Asogwa, NO Egbe.

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Background of Study: Nosocomial infections have become a major challenge in health institutions, as they affect the quality of health care delivered. The radiology department is one of the mainstays of modern medicine. It is therefore necessary to assess its role in the spread of nosocomial infections.

Aim: To assess the presence and specie of nosocomial bacteria on x-ray equipments and accessories as well as their prevalence in public and private hospitals in Anambra state.

Method: Sterile swab sticks were used daily to swab the surfaces of selected x-ray equipments and accessories, at the close of work in public and private hospitals in Anambra State. MacConkey and Blood agar media were used to prepare the culture media. The prepared media were put in petri dishes and
swab samples were inoculated onto the culture plates. Culture plates were then incubated for 24 hours, at a temperature of 37oc. Bacterial identification was done microscopically under bright light based on their colonial characteristics.

Results: Bacteria were isolated in 43/50 (86%) samples collected. Bacteria isolated were; Staphylococcus aureus (36.1%), Pseudomonas aeruginosa (22.7%), Proteus spp (7. 2%), Streptococcus (13. 4%), and Coliform spp. (20.6%). X-ray cassettes had the highest bacterial load followed by X-ray tube handles and couch.

Conclusion: Radiology equipment and accessories in Anambra State have high bacterial load and therefore are potential sources of nosocomial infection.

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