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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2007;  (v 21): 1-4


Usefulness of X-Rays in the Evaluation of Patients with Pains of the Upper Limb

Chiaghanam NO, Nzotta C, Okeji MC, Udo C, Ojukwu MO.

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The conventional use of x-rays in radiodiagnosis is widely obtainable in Nigeria. This study was intended, therefore to determine the usefulness of x-rays to evaluate pains of the upper-limb in aspects of its contribution to diagnosis, cost, patient care and management and the views for detailed information. Adopting judgemental sampling, a nonprobability sampling, approach was used. A total of two hundred and forty seven (247) radiographs were handpicked using the request forms and radiologist reports on the radiographs. The results obtained showed that the use of xrays to evaluate pain of the upper limb contributed 47.70% to therapeutic decision, cost, patient care and management. Oblique view had a positive outcome of 51.50% as against posterior anterior and lateral views which had 27.14% and 22.16% respectively. In comparison, computed tomography (CT) scans of 72 patients showed that 68.06% of the cases were diagnosed as pain resulting trauma, spondylosis, ostemomyelitis and narrowing of disc spaces. The CT scan result showed an improvement over conventional x-ray and an added advantage to therapeutic decision making and patient care/management. It was concluded that the use of other imaging modalities in our hospitals should supplement the use of conventional x-rays on pains of the upper limb to remove doubt on therapeutic decisions in our health institutions.

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