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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2017;  (v 31): 1-8


Understanding Radiographic Image Noise Measurement and Removal

Egbe NO and Ekpo EU.

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Background: The radiographic image is characterized by image noise arising from random fluctuations in the absorption of photons by the imaging medium or detector. Measurement and removal of these perturbations will increase the quality of the signal which is desired in improving image interpretation.

Purpose: This paper is a short review to improve understanding of the phenomena.

Method: A review of some literature was undertaken to facilitate improved appreciation of noise and its measurement. Use of filters in the removal of image noise is covered the review.

Conclusion: An understanding of image noise and its contributing parameters is essential to the utilization of post processing techniques for improving image quality.

Keywords: Signal, Noise, Image quality, Radiographic, detection, spectrum

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