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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2015;  (v 29): 1-7


Surface Management in Prevention of Nosocomial Infections in Radiography Practice

Okafor H. Chioma, Nsofor I. Ifeoma, and Okon E. Ime.

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Background: For prevention of nosocomial infections in Radiography practice, it is imperative to disinfect surfaces used by all patients with appropriate disinfectants.

Objective: To determine the disinfectants that are most active in eliminating micro-organisms identified on hard surfaces of equipment and accessories in the radiology department of a tertiary hospital.

Methodology: Efficacy of Savlon (chlorohexidine), Jik (Sodium hydrochlorite), and Dettol (Chloroxylenol) were tested. Each examined surface was divided into three horizontal parts. Three BS medichem swabs were moistened with distilled water and used to collect sample along each surface at different points. The surfaces were cleaned with each undiluted disinfectant and allowed to dry for 20 minutes. Three different moistened swabs were used to collect another fresh sample. Chocolate agar was used to prepare the samples and later incubated in incumaxTM incubator for 24 hours at 370C. Colonies were identified under national light microscope.

Results: Colony count before disinfection was one 150. After cleaning, it reduced to 60. The isolated organisms were: Staphycoccus aureus, Candida albicans, Pseudomonas aeruginosa coliform and Escherichia coli. Staphylococcus aureus which had the highest colony count of 51 before disinfection was reduced to 14 after disinfection. Escherichia coli had the least colony count before and after disinfection. Jik (sodium hydrochlorite) reduced the total bacterial load form 51 to 14 counts.

Conclusion: Sodium hypochlorite (Jik) is the most effective disinfectant noticed in our centre.

Keywords: Surface, Disinfectants, Radiography, Prevention, Nosocomial.

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