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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2007;  (v 21): 1-12


Scattering of the Exit Beam at the Patient–Cassette Front Material Interface by Ebony Wood

Egbe NO, Inyang SO, Ikamaise VC and Eduwem DU.

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As part of the search for substitute materials for use as radiographic equipment accessories in developing countries, scattering of the exit beam at phantom-material (simulating the patient-cassette) interface has been investigated for Ebony wood and aluminium, for comparison, using thermoluminescent detectors (TLD). Results for significance of independent samples showed that, there was no statistical difference in the scattering of the exit beam towards the phantom, by the two tested materials (P = 0.3) at the 95% confidence interval, with changes in tube potential. Variation of radiation field size however produced a marked difference.
This suggests the possible use of Ebony wood as a substitute for aluminium as a radiographic accessory, subject however, to further radiographic tests and confirmation.

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