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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2015;  (v 29): 1-9


Radiography Profession: Regulation, Practice and Challenges in Northern Nigeria

Luntsi Geofery, Muhammed Rabiat, Nwobi I. Chigozie, Njiti Muhammad, Nkubli Flavious B..

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Objective: To determine the impact of regulatory body of the Radiography profession, ascertain the major challenges, its causes and suggesting ways to mitigate them in northern Nigeria.

Method: A cross-sectional survey was conducted among Radiographers in Northern Nigeria with practice experience of 10 years+, for a period of 3 months (January-March 2015). A semi structured 18-item questionnaire was used to elicit data concerning demography, regulation, major challenges, and suggestions to mitigate these challenges. Data was analyzed using SPSS version 16.0 and descriptive statistics were used in the analyses.

Results: A total of seventy (70) questionnaires were distributed and 66 (93%) were returned. There were 42(63.6%) male respondents and 24 (36.4%) female respondents with ages ranging from 30 to above 60 years. A good number of the respondents (42) had B.Sc. degree as highest qualification; representing 63.6% while those with Masters degree and above made the remaining 13.6%, numbering 9. About 27 (40.9%) rated the efforts of the regulatory body as good. The major challenges noted were: few Universities offering Radiography at undergraduate and post graduate level, low level of manpower, limited scope of practice, frequent equipment breakdown and inactive professional body. Possible causes suggested included poor recognition of the profession, systemic failure, lack of unity in the Radiology unit. The recommendations made to overcome these include; an active and strong regulatory body visible in all the geopolitical zones and states, provision of scholarship schemes, unionism, and improvement towards education and training.

Conclusion: Persistent challenges confront the radiography profession. Radiographers are aware of these challenges and possible causes. There is need for the professional body (RRBN) to improve on its regulatory duties to mitigate the persistent challenges in radiography profession in Nigeria.

Keywords: Challenges, Radiography, Regulation, Practice, Profession

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