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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2007;  (v 21): 1-6


Radiographic Evaluation of Age and Gender-Related Cortical Bone Thinning Using The Metacarpal Index Method: A Lagos Based Population Study

Ekpo EU, Ikamaise VC, Egbe NO, Chiaghanam NO, Eke RO.

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A retrospective study to evaluate age and gender related cortical bone thinning using the metacarpal index (MCI) method was performed. Study sought to evaluate the effect of age and gender on metacarpal index. A randomized collection of 850 (males 436, females 414) dorsi-plantar radiographs of the left hand performed from 2003-2005 and accompanying request forms was carried out. The width of the cortex of the second metacarpal and shaft was measured and used to calculate the metacarpal index. Values were compared across age ranges and sex. Result showed a gradual increase in MCI for both sexes from 20-40 years (peak MCI 57.4±2 and 52.8±02 for males and females respectively at 40 years). A linear decrease after the 5th decade of life was also observed. Males showed a higher MCI than females at all ages with mean values of 53.3±3.2 and 46.21±3.9 respectively. A more rapid decrease in MCI was observed in females than males.

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