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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2019;  (v 33): 1-4


Perception of Sister Health Professionals about Radiography Profession in Nigeria

Chiegwu H. Uche, Nwokeocha N. Lois, Obi O. Loveth, Uzuegbunam C. Ukamaka, Okonkwo C. Chibuzor.

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To investigate the perception of sister professional groups in Nigeria towards radiography profession.


Methods: Questionnaires were used to survey the opinions of 160 healthcare professionals from five professional groups. The respondents scored radiographers on some characteristics of professional occupations.


Results: Only in education was radiography scored 70.0 % and above by respondents. The range of scores in other areas was 55 – 65 %.


Conclusion: Nigerian radiographers need to strive harder to improve public perception on many indices.  


   Keywords:  Radiography, profession, Nigeria, healthcare workers, score

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