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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2018;  (v 32): 1-5


Mentorship in Radiography: an Indispensable Tool for Sustainable Healthcare Transformation

Nwobi IC, Luntsi G, Nkubli BF, Moi SA, Abubakar GM.

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Background: The concept of mentorship has gained widespread popularity in literature across different walks of life owing to the significant benefits attached to it.


Purpose: This paper intends to discuss the need for mentorship in radiography, as an indispensable tool for a sustainable healthcare transformation, taking clues from other health science disciplines and medicine.

Method: Authors reviewed relevant literature on the subject to have an in-depth and updated knowledge both in the health sciences as well as in other disciplines. Search engines such as Google Scholar, My Websearch, and data base such as Science Direct, Hinari, Taylor and Francis and Medknow were consulted. Several articles that discussed mentorship across various disciplines were reviewed. Those with ideas and concepts that fit into the purpose of the study were included.


Results: Several definitions and types of mentorship exist across different walks of life based on literature. However, we decided to adopt the definition of mentorship and types of mentorship by Feldman, who defined mentorship as a dynamic, reciprocal relationship in a work environment between an advanced career incumbent and a beginner, aimed at promoting the development of both. The uniform agreement across various disciplines is that mentoring is a crucial component of success. However, its application in radiography is inadequate.


Conclusion: In view of the apparent benefits accruable to mentorship globally, stakeholders in radiography should make mentorship a priority, if we must maintain our role in a sustainable healthcare transformation.


   Key words: Mentor, Mentee, Protégée, Coaching, Radiography, Healthcare transformation

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