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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2017;  (v 31): 1-5


Leadership-Coaching Behaviour in Radiodiagnostic Practice

Okafor H. Chioma, Ugwu C. Anthony, and Okon E. Ime.

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Background: Leadership-coaching can be utilized to find talents, develop and retain them to ensure organisational effectiveness. In healthcare, good leadership-coaching behaviour is imperative as it ensures collaboration among team members.

Objective: To determine the type of leadership-coaching behaviour utilized by leaders in Radiodiagnostic unit in two tertiary institutions in south-eastern Nigeria.

Methodology: Multifactor leadership questionnaire (MLQ) questionnaire was administered to three leaders and seventy-four subordinates in both units with the replacement of ‘I’ with ‘My supervisor’ in the subordinates’ questionnaire. SPSS version 17 was used to analyse the data.

Results: Response rate for leaders was 100% while that of subordinates was 79.4%. Responses received from leaders gave leadership behavioral pattern as transformational (87.99%), transactional (70.4%) and lassiez-faire ( 25%). From subordinates’ perspective however, it was transformational (67.9%), transactional (60.9%) and lassiez-faire (24.2%). T-test statistic indicate significant mean difference between positive responses in regard to transformational leadership behaviour from leaders and subordinates’ perspectives.

Conclusion: Leaders in radiodiagnostic units utilize more of transformational leadership-coaching behaviour than other forms.

Keywords: Radiodiagnosis, leadership, coaching, behavior, transformational, transactional, lassiez faire

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