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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2017;  (v 31): 1-6


Hypersensitivity Reactions to Urografin (76%): A Pilot Study in Northeast Nigeria

Prince A. Ogenyi, Andrew England, Yusuf Aliyu, Roswita Hamunyela, Dlama Z. Joseph, Dauda Maikudi.

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Background: Patients react to radiographic contrast media in diverse ways.

Objectives: To assess hypersensitivity reactions to Urografin contrast media among patients booked for contrast-enhanced computed tomography scans in a tertiary hospital in Nigeria.

Methods:A prospective, 30-minute observation of each of 30 patients who had administration of urografin 76% intravenously. They were observed from the point of administration to the end of the investigation. Observed clinical reactions were documented and results were presented in tables.

Results: Out of thirty patients, six patients (20%) had nausea which is termed as mild reaction. Four of them (13.3%) vomited, a condition considered as moderate reaction. Twenty (66.7%) did not present with any reaction to contrast within the study time frame.

Conclusion: Nausea and vomiting were reactions observed in the study. No severe hypersensitivity reaction among all the patients who participated in the study was recorded.

Keywords: Computed tomography, contrast, hypersensitivity, nausea, Urografin

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