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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2019;  (v 33): 1-7


Factors that affect Teaching and Learning among Undergraduate Radiography Students in two Nigerian Universities

Chiegwu H. Uche, Ugwuanyi D. Chimuanya, Ofokansi F. Chigozie.

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Objectives: To understand undergraduate radiography students’ perception on effective teaching and learning.

Methods: Two hundred (200) radiography students from different academic levels of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Nnewi Campus and University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, were enlisted.  Self-completion semi- structured questionnaires were used to obtain information from students on their perception of the teaching methods employed by lecturers.

Results: Results revealed that factors such as teaching methods, lecturers’ knowledge of the subject,  their disposition at lectures, use of clear concepts and their practical applications, learning environment, use of visual teaching aids, and use of non-judgmental feedback on students’ work can influence effective learning. Other influencing factors included workload and lecture scheduling, student academic level, age, gender and availability of facilities.

Conclusion: The academic performance of students is not only influenced by the lecturer’s knowledge of the subject but also the method used, available facilities, the age and academic level of the students.


   Keywords: Radiography, Teaching, Learning, effective, academic performance

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