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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2008;  (v 22): 1-14


Estimates of Paediatric Doses for Common Radiographic Procedures in some Nigerian Hospitals

Egbe NO, Inyang SO, Bernard O, Azogor WE.

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Purpose: To determine and establish doses in paediatric radiography for hospitals which have no previous data.

Materials and Methods: X-ray examination data were collected and used as input in a dose calculation software (DOSECAL, from St. Georges’ Hospital, London) to obtain absorbed doses to the skin (entrance surface dose, ESD) as well as organ and effective doses. The study covered five common radiological examinations.

Results: Entrance surface and effective doses were found to be generally higher in agreement with an earlier study using thermoluminescent dosimetry, while organ doses were lower than the values for similar age groups in the literature. Causes of these high doses are attributed to the type, age and conditions of radiographic equipment, radiographic exposure factors (low kVp - which also accounts for low organ doses,
and high mAs in some cases), film processing conditions and lack of quality assurance programmes. Suggestions and recommendations are outlined for dose reduction to within recommended international limits.

Conclusion: Doses obtained in this study will serve as a basis for comparison of future studies in the area.

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