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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2017;  (v 31): 1-5


Contributions of Practicing Radiographers to Research in Nigeria

Esop J. Esop, Samson O. Paulinus, Nneoyi O. Egbe.

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Background: Research has been identified as a key component that ensures high level of professionalism among health practitioners, especially in the field of imaging science. A measure of research engagements among professionals, particularly practicing radiographers, for the attainment of international standard is very important, which has not been so far ascertained in the country.

Objectives: To assess the contributions of practicing radiographers to research, and to determine the extent to which research findings are being integrated into the current day practice.

Methods: A 16-item, self-administered, structured, paper-pencil and web-based questionnaire was used to assess 113 practicing radiographers with work experience graded from < 1 year to > 25 years. Respondents were recruited via volunteerism. A 68.0% (n = 77) return rate was recorded for questionnaires. Data obtained were recorded, grouped and tabulated.

Results: A good proportion (98.23%) of the respondents identified the need for research in the improvement of current day clinical practice. About 33.63% conducted research while 10.62% published their findings in peer-reviewed journals. Also, 91.15% of the respondents read Radiography journals while 73.79% applied the results in their day-to-day clinical practice.

Conclusion: The results obtained in the present study showed that research activities among practicing Radiographers in Nigeria is low, despite the claims of improved application of research results into practice. More efforts by academic mentors and relevant authorities is desirable to encourage younger radiographers to venture into research.

Keywords: Evidence-based practice, Nigeria, practicing radiographers, imaging, Research

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