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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2012;  (v 26): 1-7


Common Radiographic Findings in Patients with Low Back Pain a Major Nigerian Teaching Hospital

Ahidjo A, Ayough SN, Nwobi IC, Garba I, Njiti MM, Abdullahi A.

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Objective: To identify common radiographic findings among patients presenting with low back pain.

Methodology: A retrospective study was carried out on 160 patients with low back pain that underwent x-ray of the lumbosacral spine at ABUTH. The collected data was organized and classified into groups based on age, sex, radiographic findings, location on the lumbar spine and patients’ occupation. Mean, standard deviation and percentages were calculated and tabulated.

Results: Findings show that, low back pain is mostly in patients between 41-50 years of age accounting 28.1%. Likewise, those engaged in more than one activity 71.3%. Abnormal radiographic findings were mostly seen on L4 vertebral body representing 26.5%, and lumbar spondylosis is the most frequent finding with 51.2%.

Conclusion: The study has established various radiographic findings in patients with low back pain, and lumbar spondylosis is the most frequent in both males and females gender.

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