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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2011;  (v 25): 1-6


A survey of club foot cases in southern Nigeria using radiographic request forms

Eduwem DU, Ekpo EU, Ikamaise VC, Chiaghanam NO, Daniel UJ..

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Background: Clubfoot is a birth defect where the foot is inverted and twisted inwards. If not corrected, affected individuals usually walk with the side of their feet or ankles.

Methods: A survey of cases of clubfeet (Talipes equinovarus) was carried out in two orthopedic hospitals and one rehabilitation center coded NOHI, NOHE and SJRC in three cities (Lagos, Enugu and Essien-Udim) each representing a zone in Southern Nigeria. Patients’ clinical history and biodata were collected from their radiological request forms between years 2000 – 2005. Number of cases in each zone, age at presentation for correction, patients’ gender, foot and number of feet affected were recorded.

Results: A total of 1202 clubfeet cases were recorded. About 713(59.3%) were males and 489 (40.7%) were females. Highest number of cases was in Lagos (56.5%) followed by Essien Udim (21.8%). Majority 599(49.8%) of the children were presented between 1 – 6 months after birth. About of 97(76%) of patients who were presented after 30 weeks were from the South-South region of Southern Nigeria. Bilateral involvement was predominant (59.2%) followed by unilateral right sided involvement (23.2%). A ratio of
1.5:1 was found between males and female patients.

Conclusion: The highest number of cases recorded was in densely populated areas with a greater male to female ratio. Bilateral involvement is common and a greater proportion of children are presented within the first six months of birth. Late presentation for treatment in South-South Nigeria may be due to ignorance, poverty and lack of orthopedic hospitals and specialists to provide quality services.

Keywords: Clubfeet, gender, cases, radiological request form, birth defect.

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