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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2019;  (v 33): 1-6


A Review of Medical Imaging Innovations that Impacted Patient Care in Recent Decades as Link to Future Trends

Njoku, Jerome and Abonyi, L. Chibuzo.

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Background: Medical Imaging has witnessed a revolution in technological advancement, being in the forefront among other disciplines in the health sector. Most of the earlier modalities that were largely analogue and mechanical have been replaced by automated and digitized technology.


Objective: To track the developments and innovations in certain aspects of medical imaging that have impacted positively on patient care.


Methods: Relevant literature were searched physically and online for both old and modern technological innovations in medical imaging and patient care.


Results: There have been new technologies such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and the various ramifications of ultrasonography. Innovations in imaging modalities have brought increased diagnostic accuracy, much as examination time has been drastically shortened and radiation dose levels minimized or completely dispensed with. Manufacturing of portable equipment means that technology can now be taken to the patient and more time is dedicated to patient care. Introduction of digital radiography and Picture Archiving and Communication Systems have further impacted positively on efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery. Graduate degree programmes have invigorated radiographers’ drive for the discovery of new and better ways of diagnosis and treatment through research.


Conclusion: Innovations in technology have led to miniaturization of equipment making it possible to take services to the critically ill patients, thereby improving patients’ accessibility to medical care. Also patients’ exposure to ionizing radiation has reduced due to improvement in research and development of new modalities using radiant energies other than ionizing radiation. 


   Key words: Medical Imaging, Modality Innovations, Patient Care, Trends

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