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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2019;  (v 33): 1-4


Audit of Radiology Request Cards in a Tertiary Hospital in NorthWest Nigeria

Muhammad A. Khadija, Dambele Y. Musa, Mohammed Hassan, Sidi Mohammed.

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Background: Radiology request cards are essential communication tools between physicians and  radiation personnel. Clinical audit is part of quality assurance that guarantees patient care.


Objective:  To assess the adequacy of patient data and clinical information filled in request cards sent to Radiology Department of our facility by referring clinicians.


Material and methods: Four hundred (400) radiology request cards were randomly selected from the records of the department and scrutinized for bio-data/clinical information.


Result: Completely filled request cards were 2/267 (ultrasound), 1/40 (computed tomography) and  2/93 (conventional x-ray). 


Conclusion: Consistency in complete filliing of radiology request cards in our facility was lacking. The audit revealed actual practice, and the need for improvement.


   Keywords: Audit, Radiology, Request card, Completion, patient

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