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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2013;  (v 27): 1-6


Assessment of Indoor Radon Concentration Levels in Offices of University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus, Nigeria

Mark C. Okeji, Kenneth K. Agwu, Felicitas U. Idigo, AngelMary C. Anakwue.

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Background: Indoor radon concentration levels are an essential component for assessing radiation exposure to populations. Indoor Radon levels have not been reported for offices of academic staff of The University of Nigeria, Enugu, which is located on a hilly rocky plain.

Purpose: To establish potential for radiation hazards to persons using offices for extended periods of time.

Materials and Methods: Four offices were randomly selected from each of the five faculties in the campus, making a total of twenty surveyed offices. Short term Electret Ion Chamber Technology (EIC) with the trade name E-PERMTM was employed for the measurement of radon concentration in the offices.

Results: Average indoor radon concentration in the offices range between 2.5 Bq m-3 to 21.3 Bq m-3 with an arithmetic mean of 11.8 Bq m-3.

Conclusion: Indoor Radon levels in University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus offices is currently within acceptable safe limits.

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