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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2015;  (v 29): 1-8


Assessment of Radiation Safety Measures in Select Radio-Diagnostic Centres in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Patrick A. Ida, Tom Adejoh, Musa Y. Dambele, Osikhueme H. Adams, Hyacienth U. Chiegwu, Uloma B. Nwogu.

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Background: The risks associated with x-rays in radiography are minimized through international best practices of a regular program of quality control.

Objective: To assess the radiation safety precautions taken in five radio-diagnostic centers in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Methodology: Measuring tapes, radiation meters and other accessories were used to assess for x-ray room dimension, x-ray tube leakage, kVp accuracy, half value layer (HVL), mA linearity, optical and x-ray beam congruence, beam alignment, and timer accuracy.

Results: Only one centre complied with the 16m2 minimum room dimension required for an x-ray room, passed area monitoring without a compromise, and wholly complied with kVp error limit of 5%. Two centres passed optical radiation beam congruence, beam alignment and timer accuracy tests. Three centres passed mA linearity test. All the five centers passed the tube leakage test with none of the centers recording up to 1mSv/h at 100cm from the tube surface.

Conclusion: X-ray machines used in Kaduna States are safe. However, there are uncoordinated attention to other safety precautions. More efforts should be made to ensure that holistic regulatory standards are met in order to consolidate radiation protection.

Keywords: Quality control, radiation protection, tube leakage , room dimension, HVL

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