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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2014;  (v 28): 1-7


Assessment of Quality Assurance Programs for Conventional X-Ray Equipment in Kano Metropolis

Mohammed Sidi, Mohammed Abba, Chigozie Nwobi, Akintade Dare.

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Background: Quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) measures are essential in maintaining X-ray equipment in order to provide accurate diagnostic information to the referring physician, as well as guarantees that machines will emit appropriate levels of radiation at all times.

Aim: The study aims to assess the quality assurance programmes of diagnostic X-ray equipment in government hospitals and private diagnostic centers in Kano metropolis, Nigeria.

Material and methods: Twenty-two semi-structured questionnaires were administered to consenting radiographers working in Kano metropolis. The questions asked include; availability of the quality assurance committee, types of quality control tests conducted on the equipment, personnel responsible for the tests and, personnel to which the results of the tests were submitted. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics: frequency, mean and percentages from SPSS version 16.0.

Results: Nineteen questionnaires (86%) were returned with only 3 (15.4 %) of the respondents indicating availability of QA committee in their departments. Seven (38.5 %) indicated there were QC measures in their departments and 11 (60 %) have some quality control tests being conducted. However, only 15 (76.9 %) indicated that maintenance service was conducted on their equipment, while 11 (60 %) indicated that they kept records of past services. No centre had a Radiation Safety Officer or QA Officer.

Conclusion: Findings demonstrate poor quality assurance program in most X-ray facilities in Kano metropolis. It is recommended that X-ray centres should have quality assurance committee and routine quality control tests should be performed on the equipment.

Keywords: Quality assurance (QA), X-ray facilities, Kano metropolis.

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