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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2015;  (v 29): 1-6


Assessment of Background Radiation Levels at the Radiology Department of a Tertiary Hospital in North-central Nigeria

Eshiett Peter, Joseph Dlama Zira, Egga Anita, Matthew Abubakar, Abdullahi Mundi, Kpaku Goriya.

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Background: Background radiation has over the years become a public health concern. It is therefore, imperative to ascertain its levels within strategic areas in our radiology facility for monitoring and compliance with international standards.

Objectives: To determine the background radiation levels in the Radiology Department of Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Keffi, Nigeria.

Methodology: The design was prospective and cross-sectional and involved the measurement of background radiation levels at various locations in the radiology department. Calibrated thermo Scientific RadEye TM B20 / B20-ER survey meter, an associated scalar counter, and a stopwatch, were used for measurements at each point, based on standard guidelines recommended by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

Results: The least mean radiation (0.11μSv/hr) was detected in the computed tomography (CT) suite while the maximum value (0.13μSv/hr) emanated from the common room of radiographers. The coefficient of variation for the office of the Chief Radiographer, that of Head of Department and the office of Radiologists  were similar 8.3%. The common room for radiographers was slightly higher (10.9%). The main diagnostic room and seminar room had 16.7%, while it was 9.09% for the CT suite. The standard error ranged between 0.002 and 0.004. There was statistically significant difference in all test values at a level of significance of 5% (p < 0.05).

Conclusion: Background radiation values obtained were within recommended standards. However, there is need for regular radiation monitoring as part of radiation safety culture in our radiology facility.

Keywords: Background radiation, sieviert, dose rate, radiographers, radiology

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