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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2015;  (v 29): 1-6


Assessment Of Ultrasound Equipment As A Possible Source Of Nosocomial Infection

Udoh Benjamin Effiong, Ulu Okoro Ulu, Okeke Chidi Ikechukwu, Agiande Emmanuel.

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Background: Nosocomial infections have become an increasingly recognized problem in health facilities and ultrasound equipment can be one of the sources for the spread of these infections. This research is aimed at assessing the role of ultrasound equipment as a possible source of nosocomial infections in radiodiagnostics centers in Anambra state and to identify the type of micro-organism found on the equipment.

Method: This research involved swabbing of ultrasound probes (transabdominal and transvaginal probes), ultrasound couches and ultrasound gel, of five radiodiagnosticcentres in Anambra state. A total of thirty-six swab samples were collected aseptically from the surfaces of ultrasound equipment before and after scanning and were taken to the laboratory for culture to isolate any pathogens.

Results: The results from this study demonstrated that a number of organisms were found on the ultrasound probes, couches and ultrasound gel. Organisms isolated include aerobic spore formers, staphylococcus aurens, staphycoccocus epidermidis, coliform and a host of other bacteria.

Conclusion: Ultrasound equipment is a possible source of nosocomial infection. Although a wide spectrum of micro-organisms are found, the most common micro-organisms found on the ultrasound equipment in this region include; S. aureus, S. epidemidis and pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Keywords: Ultrasound, Nosocomial, equipment, infection, bacteria, micro – organism

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