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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

2018;  (v 1): 1-6


Accuracy of X-Ray Exposure Parameters in some Radio-diagnostic Centres in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Ishiekwen AC and Aliyu AS.

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Background: Dose levels in radio-diagnostic settings depend largely on equipment status and examination techniques. It is essential to carry out quality control (QC) on the x-ray systems to ensure proper optimization and the maintenance of quality for better diagnostic outcome, and to avoid the risk of injury.


Objective: To carryout QC for the assessment of the accuracy of exposure parameters for the purpose of optimization of radiation protection.


Methodology: Quality control measurements including tube output, kVp, mA and timer accuracy, linearity and reproducibility were carried out using a multi-function quality control kit, RMI, 181B and measuring tape.


Results: The results of these measurements indicate that the tube output of the machines within the kVp range of 60 to 120 falls between 13.52 x 10-3 and 161.26 x 10-3 with a linear relationship between the kVp and tube output in all the hospitals. It also showed exposure parameters’ operation to be within tolerance limits except in a single hospital with aspects of out-of-range performance.


Conclusion: All equipment under study functioned within safe limits but further investigation and corrective action is required in one of the centres.


   Key words: Quality control, optimization, x-ray, tube output

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