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Journal of Radiography & Radiation Sciences

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Book of Abstracts, 2000 - 2012

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The current Education Committee (EDUCOM) of the Association of Radiographers of Nigeria (ARN) was constituted by the President of the ARN in January 2017, and with the following members:

1.     Adejoh, Tom  (Ph.D)  -  NAUTH, Nnewi; Clinical Radiographer

2.     Joseph, Z. Dlama (Ph.D) – ATBUTH, Bauchi; Clinical Radiographer

3.     Balogun-Adebiyi  I.  Rohimat  (B.Sc)– NOHI, Lagos; Clinical Radiographer

4.     Nkubli, B. Flavious  (M.Sc) – UNIMAID, Maiduguri; Academic

5.     Okeji, C. Mark (Ph.D) – UNN, Enugu Campus; Academic


The EDUCOM is a saddled with the task of sustaining  the Journal of the Association of  Radiographers of Nigeria (JARN), formally called  X-Rays, and which is in its 31st Volume (2017), and viable. The EDUCOM is also the de facto drafters of communiqués which ensue from the meetings of the National Executive Council of the association. This committee is also responsible for conference abstracts.

Priorities were identified. Strenuous behind-the-scene labors were undertaken. The pages you shall turn shall take you to the book of abstracts (BOA), a product of the hopes of many decades, and the determination of some great minds of this age.  The BOA shall come in this hard copy, as well as PDF, that can be accessed and downloaded from our journal site ( Being the first time, we expect some inadvertent lapses, for which we take responsibility.

The abstracts are categorized into homogenous sections for ease of search. Our requirements for abstract are: ≤300 words, structured, and atleast two names must be full. In the years ahead we shall be stricter in standard. We also accept poster presentations and do encourage radiographers and other researchers to think along that line as from next year.

We thank Nigerian radiographers for the privilege to contribute to our collective progress.

          Adejoh, T.


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